January 03, 2012

Berry Skirt

We went to the thrift store yesterday and I found this beautiful bandana/handkerchief thing.

Just $.50! I decided that it would be a cute skirt for Aubrey.
It was super easy, but I figured I would make a little mini-tutorial anyway. I'm sure that I didn't do a lot of stuff the "right"way. But hey, I was just making it up as I went!

First I laid it out and measured it and to decide which way I wanted the stripes to go. It was about 30 inches square.

Then I cut off the edges on two opposite sides.

Then cut the remaining rectangle in half.

I sewed up the edges of the two resulting rectangles to make a tube. I zigzag stitched all the edges. The fabric is really soft and silky and threatening to just unravel everywhere.

I took the edges that I cut off and sewed one long edge together.

Then opened it up and sewed the short edges together. I did it this way so that when I turned it right side out there wouldn't be any seams on the inside waistband.

Then I sewed a large basting stitch around the top of the skirt and pulled on them to gather it up to about the same size as the waistband.

Then I just over lapped the two sides of the waistband over the skirt by a good 1/2 inch or so and sewed it all together leaving a space to put in elastic.

Add the elastic and sew up the space, and you have a skirt!


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  1. So cute and so easy! I'll have to try it one of these days!